About TronTokens

TronTokens is a project, developed by a Tronic for the TRON Community, allowing to track scammers within TRON network : TRC20 tokens and TRON addresses.

All addresses and TRC20 tokens on the website are provided by https://api.tronscan.org/.

The objectives to TronTokens are :

  • Secure TRON Community,
  • Help investors to choose an ICO following multi-criterias,
  • Promote ICOs or TRC20 tokens.

How will the scammers be tracked ?

In the near future, a voting system will be integrated within TronTokens. Each Tronic will can vote for each TRC20 token : either 1 or -1. The total of the votes will create a confidence index. When this index will be to low, the token will be classified as “SCAM”. In the contrary, if the index is high, the token will be classified as “SAFE”.

Moreover, as soon as a TRC20 token is classified as “SCAM”, the owner address is classified too as “SCAM”.

Why vote for a token ?

More Tronics will vote, more confidence index Tokens will have value.

Furthermore, for each vote, a Tronic will be rewarded with tokens that will can be used on TronTokens Platform.

Is it possible to have more information about theses tokens ?

Of course yes ! Theses tokens will be created by TronTokens. There won’t be any airdrop, neither ICO, and Tronic will can’t buy or sell theses tokens under penalty of being sanctioned by TronTokens Platform.