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TRAN Systems is an Australian public entity located in Brisbane. TRAN stands for Telekinetic Redundancy Autonomous Network and is a type of DPoS and DPoW blockchain technology that will be the world’s first GREEN energy efficiency rating.

TRAN Systems will endeavour to obtain “Greenhouse” emission endorsement by the local government and will be incorporating the latest technology to help save the planet by reducing the emissions of Carbon monoxide (CO). TRAN Systems will also incorporate a service system to look after your health and well-being while you are having fun doing it. This will be a global event.

Introducing the Catalytic Converter 2.0

As you may well know almost all modern cars come fitted with a catalytic converter although they do help to reduce the CO2 emissions of vehicles they are flawed by design and are only effective when the temperature exceeds 400 degrees Fahrenheit or 205 degrees Celsius. This means that these devices are completely ineffective for at least the first 30 minutes that your car is running. Not only that but testing scenarios have proven that this is often triple this time depending on a number of factors. During this time our vehicles are sending dangerously high levels of CO2 into our atmosphere.

The solution

The initial focus of the 3CO network is to research, redesign and then to produce the portable Catalytic converter 2.0. This new catalytic converter which will be reducing much more pollutants from our emissions than the factory fitted devices will also connect to your preferred smart device (e.g. IOS or Android) via Bluetooth. The App on your preferred smart device is link in real time to TRAN Systems.

TRAN Systems will reward tokens per distance coverage while the vehicle is in motion. There are no speed restrictions as per say, but limitations can be implemented at a later stage if necessary. Our system will verify the work has been carried out correctly via GPS tracking if need be. The obstacle will be in designing and manufacturing the catalytic converter. It will be a task we will consider carefully to ensure it is usable, durable and cost effective. The catalytic converter will be one of our many products to generate revenue for the TRAN Systems.


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